Ace Your Auditions With Acting Training For Musical Auditions

Theatre actors generally try out for musicals at some point in their career, and acting training for musical auditions can be a big help.  Musical theatre workshops are usually geared towards teaching you the rudiments of musical auditions, so that you have the ideal audition material to wow the director.

Finding where you fit

Musicals audition training helps you figure out where you fit. You already know that musicals are a mix of acting, dancing, and singing. But when it comes to singing for example, you need to know your range, and sing a song that’s going to showcase your voice and personality. Finding where you fit, makes it a lot easier for you to know the type of roles you should audition for.

Preparing the audition material

Acting training for musical auditions also teaches you some priceless tips on marketing yourself appropriately. That includes understanding how to prepare the audition material, and knowing the show you are auditioning for.

If you have to sing, then this will help you to choose a song that’s similar in style to the one that’s in the show. If you have to dance, then the director will probably ask you to do some easy steps. They don’t expect you to be perfect, they are more interested in seeing how well you keep the beat, as well as the energy and excitement you bring to the piece.

The Carolyne Barry Creative Ent. offers a Theatre Audition Workshop taught by Michael Donovan. Mr. Donovan is a renown casting director for theatre, as well television and commercials. The course helps actors find where they fit, and prepare relevant audition material. As a result, they can and step confidently into an audition, and make the most of the opportunity to impress the director.

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