Are laser hair removal treatments Painful?

Are you interested in trying laser hair removal but think it might be painful?  That’s understandable, because a common question people considering the procedure ask is – Are laser hair removal treatments painful.  If you would like to find out if laser hair removal treatments are painful, it’s certainly helpful to first understand how the treatment works.

How does laser hair removal work

The laser delivers concentrated beams of light to the hair follicles, targeting the melanin (hair pigment) at the base of the follicle.  The light is absorbed by the pigment and converted into heat, which breaks down the hair follicle.  The treated hair will come out in the following weeks.

It typically takes a series of 6-8 treatments to achieve maximum hair reduction.

Are laser hair removal treatments painful?

Most patients say that laser hair removal feels a lot like an elastic band being snapped against the skin. However, the degree of discomfort varies based on factors such as the laser technology being used, skin type, skin tone, and the area being treated. 

Advanced laser technologies are equipped with cooling mechanisms that help to minimize any discomfort during laser hair removal.  The application of a topical numbing cream at the start of treatment is also helpful. 

Some parts of the body like the upper lip and underarms are more sensitive, therefore sensations will be felt more intensely during laser hair removal.  In contrast, there is less discomfort in areas such as the arms and legs that have thicker skin.

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