Are there preventative treatments for female athletes with stress injuries & fractures?

More female are participating in sports than ever before, so it’s not surprising that the rate of female sports-related injuries is higher than in previous years.  As a result, a common question being asked is- Are there preventative treatments for female athletes with stress injuries and fractures?

In a study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (JAAOS), researchers identified 3 common factors among female athletes that are most at risk for stress injuries and fractures. These symptoms which are referred to as the ‘female athlete triad,’ are – low energy, low bone mineral availability, and menstrual cycle abnormalities.

Preventative Treatments
Managing these prevailing factors is one way in which stress injuries and factors can be minimized. This requiresearly screening and medical evaluation of females, to identify those at risk. Preventive treatments can then be put in place to prevent premature bone loss, and keep bones healthy.

Treatments include:

  • Improving nutrition to correct energy imbalance: Inadequate energy is linked to poor nutrition, and requires improved nutritional balance, which increases energy intake to meet the demand of exercise expenditure. This will in turn enhance the functions of the hormones that are vital to bone health.
  • Restoring menstrual health: Irregular menstruation worsens bone health, and can result in increased fractures.  Eliminating menstrual abnormalities can therefore improve bone health.
  • Boosting bone mineral density: Taking calcium along with vitamin D supplements has a positive effect on bone mineral density, especially when it is combined with weight bearing exercises.

Contact Frank McCormick, MD, of the LESS Institute,for help with preventative treatments for female athletes with stress injuries & fractures. Call 866-956-3837 to schedule an appointment.

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