The Physical and Emotional Benefits of a Breast Reduction

Most women consider full, curvaceous breasts a desirable feature, but there are times when breasts are simply too large. Oversized breasts can lead to a myriad of physical problems such as back and neck pain, as well as breathing difficulties. The benefits of having a breast reduction are therefore very significant to these women.

Why choose breast reduction
Women who have to go through life making accommodations because their breasts are too large, usually find breast reduction physically and emotionally liberating. In addition to physical problems, women with very large breasts often have difficulty finding clothes that are the right fit. This is particularly the case when the breasts are out-of-proportion to the rest of their frame. Breast reduction therefore goes a long way in improving their quality of life.

Breast reduction surgery
Breast reduction surgery involves the removal of breast tissue and skin, in order to make the breasts smaller. It also includes the reshaping of the breasts, and repositioning of the nipple. The procedure is usually performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia. The incisions are typically made along the contours of the nipple, so that they are not easily visible after surgery. The duration of the operation varies, as it depends on how much correction is required.

Benefits of breast reduction

  •  Women often experience an ease in physical pain and discomfort, as they no longer have excess weight carrying around.
  •  Smaller breasts are in proportion with other body features, and therefore create a more balanced figure.
  •  On an emotional level, women often feel more confident, and are also more accepting of their body.

Large breasts are particularly uncomfortable for women that have a small frame. For that reason, they are able to enjoy the benefits of breast reduction surgery, because reducing the size of their breasts significantly improves their well-being. If your breasts are weighing you down and you feel like you will benefit from a breast reduction surgery then contact your local plastic surgeon for a consultation to learn more about this surgery.

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