Can I Get Laser Resurfacing Done During the summer?

If you desire to have smooth, clear skin, laser resurfacing is an effective non-invasive way to achieve your goal. Lasers can be used to improve the tone and texture of your skin, making it look clearer and younger. But since you have to stay out of the sun after the procedure you may be wondering – Can I get laser skin resurfacing done during the summer.

Laser resurfacing
Lasers can renew the skin and treat a range of skin concerns such as wrinkles, fine lines, sun spots, and acne scars. Laser resurfacing also encourages the production of collagen and this firms the skin and improves its radiance.

Can I get laser resurfacing in the summer?
When you have laser hair removal done is really a matter of personal preference, as the procedure can be performed at any time during the year. However, because of the need to limit sun exposure after the procedure, some physicians suggest that it’s best to have it done during fall and winter. Many patients also choose to have laser resurfacing done during the colder months, since they’re going to be indoors most of the time anyway.

However, it’s also fine to get laser resurfacing treatment in summer, just be sure to follow the post-procedural instructions of your doctor. You should also be very conscientious about wearing sunscreen when you go out, in order to protect your skin from further damage. It’s also best to avoid direct sunlight as much as possible, especially if you happen to live in a state like Florida that has sunshine all year round.

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