Can my allergies affect my ability to wear my contacts?

Eye pain and irritation are often the result of allergies, and if you happen to be a contact lens wearer, allergy season can be a miserable time. However, if you’ve been fortunate enough to have been spared allergy symptoms you may be wondering, – Can my allergies affect my ability to wear contact lenses.

Springtime Allergies
Spring is a beautiful time of the year, but it’s also the time when the air is filled with troublesome allergens such as dust, and pollen from the trees. Typical symptoms of springtime allergies include runny nose and itchy eyes.

Can allergies affect your ability to wear your contacts?
If you wear contact lens, keeping them clear during spring can be quite challenging, because allergens love contact lenses, especially the soft variety. It’s quite easy for pollen to get trapped on the lens and irritate the eyes, and if you have allergies, ophthalmologists recommend against wearing your contacts.

What can you do?
If you’re in allergy season then be sure to be extra cautious with your contact lens. You may have to step up your cleaning regimen by cleaning your lens more often, and keeping the eyes as moist as possible.

If you still end up with allergies despite your best efforts, then you may have to opt out of contact lenses altogether, and wear your eyeglasses during allergy season. Be sure to see your eye doctor, so they can rule out any serious eye problem.

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