Can PRP Be Used For Joints?

If you suffer from joint pain and stiffness, chances are you’ve heard that many people are turning to PRP therapy to relieve joint pain.   But perhaps you’re wondering – Can PRP be used for joints?

Can PRP Be Used For Joints

Yes, PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy is frequently used to relieve joint pain and injury because it is a type of regenerative medicine.  PRP harnesses the body’s ability to heal itself by increasing the natural growth factors the body uses to rebuild tissue.

How PRP Therapy Works

PRP is a concentration of a patient’s platelets.  The injections are prepared by taking a small sample of blood from the patient and placing it into a centrifuge, where it is spun to isolate the platelets.  The concentrated platelets are then injected directly into the sore or injured joint.   The platelets release growth factors and other proteins that promote healing and regeneration.

There is no downtime after treatment so patients can return to normal activities right away (click here to learn more).

Benefits Of PRP For Joints

The joints consist of bone, cartilage, and fluid.  Cartilage cushions the bones against impact and helps them move smoothly, while joint fluid lubricates the bones and also contributes to ease of movement.  The cartilage wears away and fluid production declines over time, leading to joint pain and decreased mobility. 

When PRP is injected into the joints it stimulates the production of joint fluid which eases friction.  This helps to relieve pain and improve joint function.   

PRP can also repair damage to cartilage because it increases the production of reparative cells in the body.   It also reduces inflammation, which slows the decline of cartilage.

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