Can you treat text neck quickly?

If you’ve become so obsessed with your smartphone that you’re constantly texting, you could develop astress injury known as text neck. Text neck is associated with the forward head posture most people adopt when using their smartphone. But how can you treat text neck quickly, before you end up with long term damage to your neck.

Understanding text neck
Everytime you look down on your mobile device to read or send texts, you put additional pressure on your neck. This increases the weight of your head, and strains the muscles at the back of the head, and this often leads to the neck pain linked to text neck.

Can text neck be treated quickly?
The Posture Pump Dual Disc Hydrator (Model 1400-D) is a decompression device that can provide fast relief for text neck. The device uses a system patented by Posture Pump known as expanding ellipsoidal decompression (EED)technology to alleviate neck pain.

How the Dual Disc Hydrator works
When the device is inflated, the expanding elliptical air cells work to separate the joints of the neck, and also decompress and hydrate the spine. The Dual Disc Hydrator helps to pull lubricating fluid back into the discs, and restores the natural neck curvature. It also provides deep relief for the stressed neck muscles, and reduces the pressure on the neck.

Some people experience immediate results with the Dual Disc Hydrator, while it takes others several weeks to see results.

Once you’ve gotten the treatment you need it’simportant to adopt good postural habits, in order to maintain results. This should include moving your phone up to eye level when texting, in addition to taking regular breaks from texting.

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