Can Lipo & HCG Diet be done simultaneously?

For several years now, men and women have been using the HCG diet to shed pounds quickly. However, even the best diets often leave stubborn pockets of fat in places like the abdomen and thighs. These areas can be sculpted with liposuction. If you are trying to get in shape quickly, you might be tempted to diet and sculpt your body with lipo at the same time. But can lipo and the HCG diet be done simultaneously.

HCG Diet
The HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) diet combines injections of HCG, alongside a healthy eating plan. HCG suppresses hunger and helps the body burn fat, allowing existing fat to be used for energy, and not muscle. The diet is done under the guidance of a medical practitioner, to ensure that HCG is being used safely.

Liposuction is a large operation in which the fat is removed from the body via a tube known as a cannula. The cannula breaks down the fat, and it is then suctioned using an attached high-pressure vacuum.

Can they be done simultaneously?
Patients who wish to undergo lipo, should already be near or at their ideal weight when considering this surgery. Candidates for lipo should also be in good overall health, in order to reduce any possible risks and complications during surgery.

Individuals on the HCG diet typically lose a lot of weight, up to 1lb per day. Undergoing liposuction while dieting and dealing with rapid weight loss, would be very risky. Therefore doctors always advise against doing a surgical procedure while you are on any type of diet.

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