Enhancement Surgery: the LASIK “touch up” procedure

LASIK surgery is done to provide clear vision for people who use eyeglasses or contact lenses. However there are instances in which the expected outcome is not realized and a follow-up procedure may be required, to try and achieve optimal vision correction. This is referred to as the LASIK ‘touch up’ procedure, or LASIK Enhancement surgery.

LASIK Enhancement Surgery
Enhancement surgery is done in order to upgrade the results that were gained with the first laser eye surgery. Enhancement surgery may be required, if there is a change in the clarity and flexibility of the lenses that were fitted during the primary LASIK surgery.

Patients who experience reduced vision after undergoing LASIK surgery may benefit from the LASIK ‘touch up’ procedure. However, the opthalmologist usually makes a thorough assessment of the patient’s visual satisfaction, before determining if Enhancement Surgery will give them sharper vision.

LASIK Enhancement should only be considered after the requisite healing time for the primary surgery has passed. They should also adhere to the required recovery guidelines, so that the operation has the best possible chance for success.

The Procedure
Additional laser surgery is very similar to the original procedure. The only difference is, the ophthalmologist will use special tools to raise the flap that was made during the initial eye surgery.

When contemplating LASIK enhancement, patients should be aware of the possible risks. The level of risk increases with each surgery that is done, so if vision is already at an acceptable level, patients may choose to wear light prescription glasses rather than undergo a revision.

If you are considering the LASIK ‘touch up’ procedure, schedule an appointment with Dr. Jacqueline Griffiths of New View Eye Center, Reston, CA. Why not call    them today at 703-834-9777 to learn more, or go online to http://www.newviewlasereye.com/.

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