EpiLase vs Lasik: Which is better for improving eyesight?

Laser vision correction surgery has become very popular among people desiring to correct refractive vision problems such as astigmatism, nearsightedness or farsightedness. There are now several types of vision correction procedures available including EpiLase and LASIK. But how do you know which is better for improving eyesight.

EpiLase is a precise procedure that is done on the surface of the cornea. The procedure uses a device called an epikeratome to separate a thin sheet of cells on the surface of the eye.  The laser is then used to treat the cornea, after which the sheet of cells is put back in place. After surgery a bandage contact lens is placed over the eye and worn for several days.

Lasik is a vision correction procedure that is done usinga laser or a microkeratome. The laser creates a thin corneal flap that is pushed back, so that the cornea can be treated with the excimer laser. The flap is then repositioned.

Which is better for improving eyesight?
Both EpiLase and LASIK reshape the cornea to correct refractive vision problems. However, since EpiLase is performed on the surface area of the cornea, it’s considered a safer procedure than LASIK, which is performed on a deeper level.

SinceEpiLase removes only the superficial cells, it is recommended for individuals with thin corneas who would otherwise not be good candidates for LASIK. People with dry eyes are also good candidates for EpiLase, because the nerves are cut during LASIK, and this can reduce the production of tears in the long term.

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