How can I improve my posture?

Most people don’t realize that proper posture is vitally important to good health. Proper posture contributes to the efficiency of the joints and ligaments, and also aids the digestive and elimination processes.  Has this got you wondering – ‘How can I improve my posture?’ Read on to learn some important tips.

Dangers of bad posture
Good posture ensures proper alignment of the entire skeletal system, and this facilitates the efficient function of the various systems in the body.

Poor posture often develops as a result of incorrect positions while walking, sitting, standing, or lifting.However, if you develop bad postural habits such as slouching, or keeping your head tilted forward all the time, living with it can lead to serious health problems.

People who spend a lot of the time working at the computer often tilt their head in a forward position, or hold their arms in front of them for long periods. Both of these positions can be harmful in the long run, leading to pain and stiffness in the neck and back.

How to fix your posture?
Exercises have generally been recommended to improve posture. A regular program of exercise helps to tone your muscles, and enhance flexibility.

Posture Pump has therapeutic products that are designed to correct postural problems, and also to relieve chronic neck and back pain. They hydrate and decompress the discs in order to ease pain, and can also improve a hunched posture.

The Posture Pump® Model 1100-S (Single neck air cell) can be used to mend poor posture, which is often indicated by the forward position of the head, or rounded shoulders.

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