How Can I improve my Skincare Routine?

Having youthful, luminous skin is not only the result of good genes; it also has a lot to do with your daily skin care habits. That’s why it’s super important to adopt a skin care routine that will keep your skin healthy and glowing. But if you are already doing all you know how, but not getting the desired results, you may be asking yourself the question – How can I improve my skin care routine.

What’s involved in a good skin care routine?

If you want to keep your skin gorgeous and youthful, there are a few steps you should include in you daily skin care routine. Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing are the mainstays of a good skin care regimen.

Cleansing the skin removes excess oil and dirt, toning restores balance, and moisturizing helps keep it hydrated. But keeping your skin healthy can sometimes be challenging, because it can be adversely impacted by external factors such as excess sun exposure, pollutants, and irritants. However, it is possible to rev up your skin care routine with Custom D.O.S.E.

What is Custom D.O.S.E?

Custom D.O.S.E. (Diagnostic Optimization Serum Experience) is a personalized skin care correction program by SkinCeuticals. It combines several ingredients to create unique serums that are tailored to meet the individual skin needs of each patient.

The Custom D.O.S.E. is a state-of-the-art compounding machine that links technology and science, to craft skin care serums that are the right fit every time.

How does Custom D.O.S.E. work?

A consultation with a skin care professional is first done, in order to determine the patient’s skin care issues, as well as any particular needs and concerns. During the consultation, the patient will complete a questionnaire, and the skin care professional will recommend the ingredients that are likely to be most effective.

The information gathered during the evaluation is recorded on a tablet, and then input into the Custom D.O.S.E. machine. The machine uses this data to recommend the best ingredients and then prepares a custom serum.

When making the serum, the Custom D.O.S.E. machine sifts through thousands of algorithms to determine which products will work best, based on the patient’s skin type and skin concerns. The machine then precisely measures and combines the ingredients needed, and dispenses a serum that has been specially formulated to directly address these issues. The serum is dispensed into a little bottle that is appropriately labelled with the patient’s name and formulation ID, so that it can be easily replenished as required.

The custom serum cocktail typically lasts for 3 months, and may be reviewed at that time and adjusted as needed.

The evaluation is a relatively short procedure that takes approximately 3-5 minutes, while the Custom D.O.S.E. machine takes about 5 minutes to dispense the serum.

Depending on the formulation as well as the specific skin needs of the patient, the serum may be used once or twice per day.

Who is a good candidate for Custom D.O.S.E.?

People that have difficulty finding skin care products that are a good fit for their skin type are likely to be good candidates for Custom D.O.S.E., because of its tailored approach.

Benefits of Custom D.O.S.E.

Since each person’s skin care needs are different and unique to who they are, Custom D.O.S.E. is a wonderful way of ensuring that everyone can get skin care products, which are specifically tailored for their skin type.

When used as part of a comprehensive skin care program, the Custom D.O.S.E. serum can enhance the results, because it gives the skin just what it needs.

The ingredients contained in the Custom D.O.S.E. machine are not usually available outside of a lab, but thanks to Custom D.O.S.E, patients can now benefit from them in a personalized way.

Taking a customized approach for correcting issues related to aging and hyperpigmentation often produces better results. As a result Custom D.O.S.E. is a beneficial addition to any skin care routine.

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