How do I talk to my Teen about contact lens safety and eye health?

If you’ve decided to let your teen wear contact lens, make sure they are responsible enough to do so, because contact lens care is important to maintaining good eye health. Therefore parents should talk to teens about lens care, and reinforce the ophthalmologist’s instructions. Are you are wondering – “How do I talk to my teen about contact lens safety and eye health?” We offer a few tips below.

It’s best to talk about contact lens safety before the big day when your teen gets their first pair of contact lenses.

Let your teen know that:
1.    Contact lenses are quite safe and healthy, and they are a good option, as long as they are given the correct care.
2.    Help to motivate them to care for their lenses, by explaining why proper contact lens care is so important.
3.    Explain how following a regular eye care routine can help keep their eyes healthy.
4.    Let them know why they need to follow the instructions given by their ophthalmologist about lens care.
5.    Be very honest about the consequences of having a poor lens care routine. Give them real examples of what can happen if they ignore lens safety.

For most teens, contact lens is a great confidence builder, and it’s also very beneficial for kids who take part in sports activities. Parents should therefore take the time to prepare their kids and make the process easier.

You can learn more about contact lens for teens from the eye care experts at New View Eye Center, Reston, VA. Call 703-834-9777 today and schedule an appointment withophthalmologist Dr. Jacqueline Griffiths. Dr. Griffiths will conduct a comprehensive eye exam, and determine if your teen is a good candidate for contact lens.

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