How does a pulsed dye laser work and what is it used for ?

Laser technology has positively impacted skin care over the years, making it possible for many treatments to be done faster, and with much less pain and downtime than before. With so many options around, it is often difficult to know which is best for your specific concerns. The pulsed dye laser is used in a number of dermatological applications, but how does a pulsed dye laser work, and what is it used for.

How pulsed dye lasers work
Pulsed dye lasers are so named, because they use a liquid dye to generate the laser beam. The laser emits short bursts of light that are absorbed by the targeted tissue. The thermal energy destroys the diseased cells, without affecting the surrounding tissue.

What is it used for
Pulsed dye lasers are commonly used for treating vascular and pigmented lesions including red birthmarks, and small red vessels. They also stimulate skin cells and improve skin tone.

Vbeam Perfecta
The Skin Care Center, Chicago, IL uses the Vbeam Perfecta pulsed dye laser, by Candela Lasers. Vbeam is a state-of-the-art, high energy laser that is used to treat conditions such as spider veins, rosacea redness, and pigmented lesions.

The Vbeam has a wavelength of 595nm, and is equipped with a dynamic cooling system that enhances patient comfort. It is powered by micropulse technology that separates a single laser energy into 8 micro bursts of energy. This directs more energy to the pigmented area, without any potential injury to the skin.

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