How much time should Seniors spend outside to get enough Vitamin D?

The public health messages about the dangers of excess sun exposure have hit home, and in response many people (including seniors), are covering up and avoiding the sun. However, some sunlight is necessary for good health, especially eye health, as sunlight is a key source of Vitamin D. But how much time should seniors spend outside to get enough Vitamin D.

Sunlight and Eye health
Vitamin D is very important to eye health because researchers have linked increased levels of vitamin D to improved eyesight.Unfortunately many people have very low levels of vitamin D, because they don’t spend enough time outdoors.

Research suggests that vitamin D can save your eyesight,as it helps with the prevention of eye diseases such as age related macular degeneration (AMD), which is a common cause of blindness in seniors.Sunlight can also help to reduce the risk of cataracts, which is another eye disease that is common among the elderly.

How much sunlight for the elderly
The need for vitamin D is especially acute among the elderly, because they produce less vitamin D than younger folk. Therefore they should spend about an hour basking in the sun each day. Outdoor hobbies such as gardening and golfing, are great ways to make that happen.

However, patients should be sure to check with their physician, because it is very difficult to quantify how much sun is safe, without considering factors such as pigmentation, and the time of day you are out in the sun.

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