How often do I need a skin cancer check?

Skin cancer is a serious disease, but early detection can make all the difference in winning the battle against it. That’s why doctors recommend regular skin checks to identify any early signs of the disease. But most people still ask the question – How often do I need a skin cancer check.

Why regular skin checks are important
Skin cancer can often start out as a harmless colored spot on the skin, and it’s for this reason regular skin checks are so vital. While everybody has a spot or mole on some part of their body, doctors suggest that patients should get checks if they notice any change in the shape, size, or color of the spots, or if new onespop up.

How often do I need a skin cancer check
Doctors generally recommend that adults have a professional skin check done by a board certified dermatologist each year. This is especially important as a dermatologist knows what to look for, and has the tools and equipment needed to perform a comprehensive evaluation.

Regular skin cancer checks are particularly important for people at risk of skin cancer i.e. people that have a family history of skin cancer.

It’s also a good idea to do your own check every couple months todetermine if there are any suspicious spots or moles.

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