How a dermatologist can help with your acne treatment

If you suffer from a skin condition like acne, don’t put off visiting your dermatologist. Since they are trained in dealing with a range of skin issues, you don’t have to worry about how a dermatologist can help with your acne. They can get your skin back in top condition, and put all your worries to rest.

About Acne

Acne is a chronic skin condition that is characterized by inflamed patches, bumps, and deep cysts in some cases. The condition is common in the teen years when there is acute hormone imbalance, but it can affect adults as well.  Acne is the result of plugged pores brought about by overactive oil glands, which cause bacterial growth.

Acne Treatment

The severity of your acne will help to determine the type of treatment the dermatologist selects for you. Mild cases have traditionally been treated with the use of creams or tablets. However, more serious cases may require laser or blu light therapy.

Laser and blu light therapies treat acne by killing the p. acnes bacteria that causes the condition. These alternatives also reduce the size of the oil producing glands, which in turn limits oil production. It generally requires several treatment sessions, before the skin is free and clear of acne.

Visiting your dermatologist will ensure that you tackle your acne problem head on, and prevent unwanted scarring.

If you’d like to learn more about how a dermatologist can help with your acne, contact the experts at Skin Care Center in Chicago, IL. They can identify the cause, and ensure you receive the most appropriate treatment. Why not give them a call at their Chicago office at 773-296-3636, or call 847-234-6121 or 847-901-0252 for their other locations in Lake Forrest, IL, and Glenview, IL.

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