How a laser can be used to stimulate collagen growth

Skin rejuvenation laser treatment is now considered very safe and effective, and is also an excellent way to trigger collagen production, and restore the bloom of youth. But have you ever wondered how a laser can stimulate collagen growth? If you have, then you can learn more about the process here.

Why the skin needs collagen

Collagen provides the structural support the skin needs to remain tight, but since the body produces less collagen as we age, the skin starts to sag. Environmental factors also contribute to the breakdown of collagen. That’s why more collagen is needed to promote skin that looks vibrant and youthful.

How lasers stimulate collagen

There are different types of lasers now available that can improve collagen levels. Lasers emit energy that penetrates the skin’s dermal layer beneath the surface of the skin.  As the heat is absorbed, it helps to boost collagen production in the deep dermis, and improves the structure of the skin cells.

The results of laser skin rejuvenation treatment are cumulative, as collagen continues to be renewed as time passes. Patients will therefore notice an improvement in skin issues such as wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and large pores.

Deep skin resurfacing helps to make more collagen under the surface of the skin, and creates a visible difference in skin tone and texture. However it’s important to consult with aesthetic professionals to determine the specific laser that would work best for you. This often depends on factors such as skin texture and skin type.

If you are interested in learning more about how a laser can be used to stimulate collagen production, contact the professionals at the Skin Care Center, IL. They have offices in Chicago, Lake Forrest, and Glenview. You can go to for details.

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