How does the Visia Complexion Analysis system work?

Would you like a personalized skin care program to deal with all your skin complaints and improve your complexion? Getting a comprehensive skin analysis is the first step in achieving that goal, and there is no better system to use than the Visia facial imaging system. But how does Visia Complexion Analysis system work, and how can it benefit your complexion? Let’s take a look.

What is VISIA?
Visia is a skin analysis tool that identifies skin concerns and evaluates the health of your skin. It takes a detailed look at your complexion, and examines specific features such as pore size, brown spots, wrinkles, texture, red areas, UV spots, and porphyrins.

How does VISIA work?
VISIA captures images of your skin using a 3D viewer that snaps the skin from several angles, to get a picture of the overall condition. The procedure only takes about 15 minutes, and the process is pain free.

How can VISIA benefit your complexion?
VISIA compares your results with a database of clients of the same age and skin type, and the system also suggests a treatment plan. Your dermatologist will review the results with you, and then customize a unique skin care plan to treat existing conditions, and also deal with potential problems. The products and system will improve skin health, and boost your complexion.

As time goes on, your dermatologist can track the progress of your skin care program, by doing another analysis.

Contact the Skin Care Center to find out more about VISIA Complexion Analysis. Call 773-296-3636 for the Chicago office, and schedule a consultation with one of our board certified dermatologists. We also have offices in Lake Forrest, IL, (847-234-6121) and Glenview, IL, (847-901-0252).

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