How to Treat Dry Eyes and regain eye comfort

While tears should come natural to everyone, there are some people who have chronically dry eyes. Dry eye syndrome is a fairly common condition that occurs when the eyes no longer produce enough tears.In these cases physicians have to understand how to treat dry eyes, so that they can provide relief for patients.

Dry Eyes – Causes

The eyes are usually covered by the tear film, which is a thin layer of liquid that keeps them lubricated. It also protects the eyes against infection, and keeps it free of dust and other debris. The tear film is produced by the glands and cells around the eyes, and is made up of proteins, water, oils, and salts.

Dry eye syndrome manifests when there is a disruption in the tear production process. This can occur because of hormonal changes, environmental factors, laser eye surgery, or as a result of the natural aging process.


There are several treatment options available for dry eyes, but medicated eye drops are among the most common. Prescription eye drops help to lubricate the eyes, and also treats inflammation of the eyelids.

Inflammation on the surface of the eye can also be corrected with antibiotics. This is especially beneficial for patients that are suffering from gland dysfunction.

Nutritional supplements, in particular Omega 3s, have been found to be very helpful to those suffering with dry eyes. There is an established link between Omega 3 and ocular health, and patients with dry eyes gain relief when they take the correct supplementation of Omega 3.

If you are in the greater Fort Lauderdale area, then you can contact the Center for Ophthalmology and Laser Center for more information about how to treat dry eyes. You can schedule an appointment with board certified ophthalmologist Dr. Michael Loeffler by calling 954-786-5353, or you can visit their website at

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