Is there a non-surgical option for eliminating a double-chin?

Is there a non-surgical option for eliminating a double-chin? This is a question often asked by people that want eliminate their irksome double chin, but simply can’t afford to endure the long downtime after surgery. There was a time when surgery was the only option, but now there’s Kybella.

Kybella – the non-surgical option for your double-chin
Kybella is an injectable treatment that’s been FDA cleared for reducing moderate to severe submental fat, which is the so-called ‘double chin.’ Kybella is  derived from deoxycholic acid, which is a molecule that occurs naturally in the body, and assists with metabolizing fat.

Each Kybella treatment consists of several small injections into the area below the chin.  It typically requires a series of 2-6 treatments spaced 4 weeks apart, to get optimal results.

What to expect
Kybella has an almost immediate effect on the fat cells when injected. It destroys the membranes of the fat cells, and over the following days they break down and are removed by the body.

After treatment patients can expect to experience some swelling, tenderness, and redness, and these symptoms can last for 2-6 weeks.

Are you a good candidate
If you have excess fat below the chin and good skin elasticity, you may be an ideal candidate for Kybella. However, Kybella does not tighten the skin, so it is not recommended for people with a lot of fat beneath the chin.

If you are looking for a nonsurgical way to banish your double chin, it’s advisable to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon.

Clients in Memphis, TN can contact Levy Dermatology for more information on Kybella. We also serve the Germantown and Collierville areas.

Call 901-624-3333 today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Alan Levy.

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