How to Know if You Need Knee Replacement – Signs to look for

If you are suffering from severe knee symptoms that have become unbearable, then you may want to ask your orthopedic surgeon about knee replacement. Knee pain that interferes with normal activities and does not respond to medication or physical therapy may require surgery. However, your surgeon can best advise you how to know if you need knee replacement.

An orthopedic surgeon will perform a thorough examination on your knee, in order to make an accurate assessment, and determine the most suitable treatment.  There are a number of factors that the surgeon will consider before deciding if you need knee replacement surgery (learn more).

These signs may be an indication that need knee replacement:

•    Reduced Mobility – Difficulty walking, climbing stairs, or getting in and out of chairs.
•    Stiffness of the knee joints in the morning when you awaken, or when sitting.
•    Knees are swollen or ache all the time.
•    Medication no longer provides any pain relief.

Dr. Frank McCormick is an experienced orthopedic surgeon in Fort Lauderdale, and offers several treatment options for knee problems, such as:

  • Arthroscopy of the Knee Joint: This is a minimally invasive surgery in which an arthroscope (tiny camera) is inserted into the knee joint, to enable viewing. This facilitates a more accurate diagnosis and treatment, and is performed to repair torn cartilage, and also to remove inflamed tissue.


  • Total knee replacement:This option is chosen in cases where there is severe knee damage. During this procedure the damaged knee joint is removed and replaced with artificial metal or plastic parts.

If you are interested in learning more about how to know if you need knee replacement then contact Dr. McCormick. He would be happy to set up a consultation with you to discuss the procedure. Dr. McCormick serves patients in Miami, Palm Beach, and West Broward. You can contact him online at

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