How Neck Disc Lubrication Can Ease Neck Pain

Neck stiffness and discomfort is often the result of a muscle strain, which makes it difficult to move the head from side to side. Since the movement of the neck is compromised, people often have to turn the entire body around when trying to look sideways. However neck disc lubrication can ease neck pain.

Neck pain can also be the result of poor posture, especially the forward head posture. This is a condition in which the neck slants forward, and the ear is forward of the shoulder, rather than being over it. Forward head posture is often caused by poor habits while driving or sitting at the computer.

How forward head posture affects the neck and lower spine

The normal curves at the neck and lower back are important,because they help to prevent the weight from shifting to the soft  disc tissue at the front of the neck and lower spine.

When this occurs, the pressure on the discs will force the fluid out of the discs.  If the discs remain in this position, then over a period of time they will start to wear and become thin. This contributes to the aging of the spine, as the vertebrae become stiff and painful. Neck disc lubrication is therefore needed to restore flexibility.

How the Posture Pump works

The Posture Pump fits around the neck and head. The device releases a pressurized pillow of air that lifts and lowers the spine. This action decompresses the joints, and in so doing it pulls fluid into the spine to shore up the lubrication of the joints.

The Power Pumpopens up disc spaces that have narrowed due to lack of fluid, and provides neck disc lubrication needed for proper function of the neck.

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