How to safely stretch neck and back joints

If you want to maintain long term spinal health, then proper neck and back care is important. Poor posture is one of the factors that can negatively impact the joints, and lead to pain and discomfort. However, it is possible to safely stretch neck and back joints in order to relieve neck pain. You can stretch the neck by doing exercises, or with the help of devices such as the Posture Pump.

Neck pain – Causes

When the joints of the neck and back are functioning normally, each vertebra has a full range of motion, and the cervical curve is normal. Pain in the neck or back is often an indication of restricted motion, and an abnormal curvature of the spine, usually brought on by poor posture. Forehead neck posture is usually to blame. Forward head posture refers to a stance in which the head is forward of the shoulder, because the neck slants forward.

Posture Pump

The Posture Pump utilizes new technology to ease neck pain. It is especially beneficial for people with restricted movements caused by neck and back pain, as it mobilizes the spine and enhances joint movement.

How the Posture Pump works

The Posture Pump 4100 offers patients a combination of exercises that safely stretch both the neck and back joints. The device manipulates the spine by lifting and stretching the joints. As the joints separate, they are restored to their normal curved shape and position.

The Posture Pump directs air cells into the joints, and this eases the compression of the lumbar discs. It also helps to release the fluid needed to cushion the spine and protect it from injury. The procedure can safely stretch the neck and back joints,improve disc hydration, and enhance the overall health of the neck and back.

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