Sunscreen Protection Tipsto keep you safe in the sun.

You should never leave home without sunscreen, because it’s the only way you can be sure to protect your skin from sun damage and skin cancer.We all know how harmful the UV rays of the sun can be, we’re heard the stories and know the risks, so be sure to follow the sunscreen protection tips below. If you do, then you are sure to be safe in the sun all year round.

  • While the idea of sunbathing with little on may be appealing, it’s a good idea to have some beach clothes on for added protection. It’s a good idea to take a hat, shirt, umbrella, and shorts with you to the beach.


  • Apply sunscreen at least 20 minutes before going out in the sun. It takes that long for the sunscreen to sink into your skin, ensuring that you are fully protected from the sun’s UV rays.


  • Make sure that you choose the right sunscreen. Ideally, the sunscreen should offer protection from both the UVB and UVA rays of the sun, and have a minimum sun protection factor (SPF) of 30. While a higher SPF rating is supposed to provide more protection, you should never use this as a license to stay out in the sun all day, or you may end up with sunburn, and sunburnt skin is damaged skin.


  • You should apply the sunscreen thoroughly and regularly. Once simply won’t do the job. It’s a good idea to reapply every 60 minutes, especially if you are at the beach, or you are in the midday sun which is extremely hot.


  • Fun fact: a shot glass full of sunscreen is the perfect amount to apply!

Remember these sunscreen protection tips before you go out in the sun; they can make all the difference to the health of your skin. If your skin is already damaged due to excess sun exposure then contact Song Plastic Surgery in Irvine, CA for a consultation on skin treatment options.

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