The Best Way to Easily Drive your Dream EV

Before driving an Electric Vehicle, there are many things to consider- from finding the type of electric vehicle that best suits your needs, the model based on your style, charging facilities, to information on government grants and incentives. 

But knowing those things should not hinder you from driving your dream EV. Besides, electric vehicles provide more than just personal benefits. They are also good for the environment. 

Charging your EV 

There are two primary ways to charge your electric vehicle. You can charge at home or at a public charging station. The majority of EV owners in the USA choose to set their cars at home overnight, plugging them into a charging point. These kinds of technology can charge an EV in a matter of hours and are as easy to use as a mobile phone charger. 

Depending on your location, government grants are available to help towards the price of installing a charging station in your home. Just like a smartphone, you can plug in your EV when you get home and have it ready for you to use the following day. 

Health and Environmental Benefits 

Electric vehicles are not just the wave of the future; they are saving lives today. One of the most significant advantages of driving an EV is its improvement in the environment. 

The largest source of climate pollution in the United States is transportation. And to solve the climate crisis, we need to make the vehicles on our roads as clean as possible.  

Pure electric vehicles have no tailpipe, so they don’t emit any exhaust gases, which reduces local air pollution, particularly in congested cities. EVs are an attractive solution for councils challenged to clean up air quality to improve their residents’ health and quality of life. 

Car Subscription: The Best Way to Drive Your Dream EV 


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In the United States, almost 95% of households own a car. However, a shift is happening in the auto industry. Nowadays, people are moving away from car ownership in the traditional sense.   

If you want to drive a car, there are usually three ways to get one: Buy, rent, or lease. But this leaves the driver with many, many responsibilities.   

Now, there’s a third alternative: car subscription services. And according to research, a car subscription is the easiest and best way to drive your dream vehicle. 

“Partnering with electric vehicle manufacturers such as Tesla and Nissan, and the paradigm shift from car ownership to car usership, we make it easy and painless to have the best vehicles,” said Allen Witters, T4L Chief Executive Officer.  

Car subscriptions are simple. Customers become subscribers by paying a recurring fee to use a fleet of cars that the companies offer. You can also regularly choose when and where you want to drive your dream EVs. 

Why Choose T4L for Car Subscription  


T4L, Transportation 4 Life, is one of the few vehicle subscription companies on the market today offering a world-class car subscription service. As a member, you can experience all the benefits and perks other car enthusiasts do not have access to.   

The company provides an electric vehicle with all the details handled and managed by T4L, including insurance, taxes and registration, vehicle swap, maintenance, vehicle refresh, and software updates. It also includes charging and roadside service support, plus concierge priority service.   

T4L provides a method that delivers value and best-in-class services to garner significant customer loyalty, relationship, and growth by offering “Enjoyable & Easy Transportation Access.”   

Your Membership Subscription with T4L also includes home charging equipment and installation. However, the costs of the electricity at home is the responsibility of the T4L Member.   

How To Get Started 

It is easy to get started once you sign up for membership. There are two ways you can select: via the concierge service or the DIY. All the details are on the T4L official website.   

With the concierge service, a T4L member service specialist will walk you through the entire subscription procedure. Tick the “I Want Concierge Service” box in the form to schedule a time when you and the specialist will go over the EV car design together. You can now complete the rest of the steps in the subscription.   

Should you decide to go with the DIY, check the box that says “I’m Ready To Start (DIY).” Then, a T4L member service specialist will contact you. You will be able to ask questions regarding your subscription.   

You can sign up directly on the official T4L website through the form, where you can also fill out the information, including your name, email, and mobile.  

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