How To Find The Best Acting Teacher And What To Look For

If you want to become a top-quality actor, then you are going to need the guidance of a good acting coach. The truth is, many of the actors you think are amazing performers, had the help of amazing teachers on their way to the top. But how can you find the best acting teacher.  Finding a good teacher takes time and effort, and you also have to know what you are looking for.

At the outset, remember to give consideration to the qualities you would like in an acting teacher, and apply specific criteria. For example, you should make sure that the teacher is someone you are comfortable with, and will be able to learn from. You can also check with students already in the class to see how experienced and accomplished they are, as this is usually a good reflection on how good the teacher is. Most importantly, the teacher should inspire your respect.

How to find the best acting teacher

  • Ask the actors you work with to recommend one. Find out where they are studying, and the teachers that are helping them to hone their craft. Get information on the style and technique of the teacher, so that you know what you are in for.


  • Check online. You can search your local area for acting teachers or acting classes to find out about available teachers. Use the criteria that you established at the outset, in order to narrow and refine your search. Visit a site like ‘Backstage’ that offers relevant information about actors, jobs, and acting teachers.

If you live in and around LA, then you can check out Carolyne Barry Creative Ent. They have excellent workshops run by master teachers with many years of experience in the business (read more related articles).

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