What is the recovery process for Meniscus Surgery?

Meniscus tears are extremely common, especially among athletes who participate in contact sports. Where conservative measures are inadequate, surgery may be required to repair the injury. But what is the recovery process for meniscus surgery?  Patients need to be aware of this, so that they understand what their role is during recovery.

Meniscus Tears
The knee has 2 weight bearing cartilages, the medial meniscus on the inside, and the lateral meniscus on the outside. These menisci are soft are rubbery, which makes them vulnerable to tearing if the knee is suddenly twisted. Degenerative tears can also occur, if the menisci break down over time.

Meniscus Surgery
There are several possible surgical options for a torn meniscus, but the choice will depend on the extent of the injury. Surgery may be performed with the aid of an arthroscope.

Surgical options include:
•    Meniscus repair – Torn meniscus is either pinned or sutured.
•    Menisectomy –Removal of the cartilage.
•    Meniscus transplantation- Replacement of the torn cartilage with cartilage obtained from a donor, or cultured in the lab.

Recovery process for Meniscus Surgery
The speed of recovery after meniscus surgery depends on several factors including thetype of surgery performed. Healing after meniscus repair surgery often takes 3 to 4 weeks. Recovery from a menisectomy is variable, but 4-6 weeks is typical. The recovery from meniscus transplantation averages about 6 weeks.

During the recovery process patients are advised to engage in regular physical therapy. These exercises will help to strengthen the knee, and also ensure that there is a return of full range of motion. Full recovery after meniscus surgery can take up to 3 months (read more).

Contact Frank McCormick, MD, of the LESS Institute, South Florida, for more information about recovery after meniscus surgery. Call 866-956-3837 today, and schedule a consultation with Dr. McCormick.

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