What Are Symptoms of Spider Veins?

Are spider veins a problem for you? Spider veins affect millions of men and women across the world, but sometimes they don’t know what the symptoms are, and are not able to identify the condition early. Spider veins are unattractive, and can be a nuisance, but in the early stages there may be no symptoms at all, since the clusters of veins develop gradually.

What are spider veins?
Spider veins known medically as telangiectasias are tiny, thin blood vessels that form near the surface of the skin. They are typically red, purplish, or blue in color and develop in clusters that branch out much like a spider web, hence the name.

Spider veins can appear anywhere on the body, but are typically seen on the face, (especially the nose, cheeks, and chin), in addition to the legs. They generally don’t cause any medical problems, so treatment is usually done for cosmetic improvement.

Spider veins are often due to genetics, but they can also come about as a result of stress on the various parts of the body, as well as excess weight.

What are the symptoms of spider veins?
As a general rule, spider veins don’t cause any harm, but some people with spider veins experience symptoms such as burning, itching, and stinging. They may also complain of pain which is related to pressure on the veins due to the congestion of blood inside the vein.

Sclerotherapy is usually used to treat spider veins in the lower extremities, while laser treatment is recommended for spider veins on the face.

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