What are the benefits of using CustomVue Technology?

CustomVue is a groundbreaking development in laser vision correction. Before CustomVue doctors used standard methods to correct your vision, but now they are able to perform LASIK using information that is 100% unique to you, thereby enhancing the  accuracy of the procedure,  and ensuring better outcomes. So what are the benefits of using CustomVue technology.

CustomVue or WaveScan technology, is a vision correction procedure. It uses Wavefront technology to customize a correction that is based on the unique characteristics of your vision. The unique mapping allows the ophthalmologist to customize your LASIK procedure.

How it works
CustomVue passes flat waves of light through the entire eye, in order to create a map of the operation of the entire optical system of your eyes.  The waves of light are reflected back to a Wavefront measuring device, whichconverts the reflectedlight into a 3dimensional map of the specific visual distortions of your eyes. This approach ensures accurate alignment of the measures, so that laser treatment can be precisely done.

Benefits of CustomVue
Since CustomVue identifies all the small details it helps to tailor a vision plan that improves what you see, and how well you see.

CustomVue is fitted with 3DActiveTrak. This allows your ophthalmologist to accurately track  your eyes in all dimensions during the LASIK procedure. This ensures a safer and more precise treatment.

In clinical studies conducted, most of the patients treated using CustomVue did not require eyeglasses or contact lenses, as they were able to clearly see distant objects.

CustomVue LASIK takes vision correction to new levels. The procedure is available in Reston, VA, at New View Eye Center. Call 703 834 9777 today to schedule an appointment with ophthalmologist Dr. Jacqueline Griffiths.

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