What is cervical kyphosis?

Neck pain is often an indication that the cervical spine is out of balance. When this happens, there is additional load on the central cervical spine, which can lead to a condition known as cervical kyphosis. But what exactly is cervical kyphosis, and how can it be treated.

Cervical Spine
It is common to describe the spine as having 3 major sections.  The neck or cervical spine is the upper portion, and the other two sections are the thoracic spine and the lumbar spine. The cervical spine and the lumbar spine both have a natural curve that is known as a lordotic curve. A lordotic curve shapes inward, and resembles a ‘C’ with the opening towards the back.

What is cervical kyphosis?
There are certain conditions that can disrupt the shape of the cervical spine and cause it to bend too far forward, or straighten in some cases. This reversal of the normal inward curve is referred to as cervical kyphosis. When this occurs, the vertebrae sit on top of each other abnormally. The changes in the cervical curve can range from minor to very severe.

Poor posture is the most common cause of cervical kyphosis, but it can also be due to injury.  Keeping the head forward, especially the tendency to spend thousands of hours hunched over smart devices, can cause the discs and bones in the neck to deteriorate, and lead to cervical kyphosis. Forward head posture can also cause the ligaments of the neck to stretch, leading to severe wear and tear on the cervical spine.

In less severe cases, cervical kyphosis can be treated using Posture Pump products. Posture Pump is an online retailer of products that are intended to ease neck and back pain. They decompress and lubricate the cervical spine, and restore the natural spinal curvature. Visit www.posturepump.com to find out more.

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