What is “text-neck” and could it be causing your headaches?

Do you spend a lot of time each day looking down at your smartphone as you send or receive text messages? Have you been having a lot of headaches recently? If you answered yes to these questions, you may be suffering from text neck.  But what is “text-neck” and could it be causing your headaches?

What is ‘text-neck?’
Text neck is a spine ailment that is characterized by pain in the upper back, stiffness.

Text neck is actually the modern manifestation of an old condition known as forward head posture or FHP. FHP is a position in which the head moves forward of the shoulders, instead of being above the shoulders.

The modern obsession with sending and receiving text messages has resulted in people spending hours looking down at their smartphone and other mobile devices. The forward tilt of the head and slumped shoulders traditionally described as FHP, has been dubbed text neck, because it is a problem that is now associated with people who use their smartphones for prolonged periods.

Could text neck be causing your headache?
Yes it could, and here’s why. The forward posture of the head puts additional weight on the head, and therefore strains the ligaments, muscles, and joints in the neck. It also leads to neck pain, and irritates the nerves in the head, resulting in headaches. These headaches are sometimes referred to as cervicogenic headaches, because they are connected to the cervical spine or neck.

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