What is the best method to get rid of neck and back pain?

If you suffer from aches or stabbing pain in the neck and back, you’re not alone, it’s a problem that affects about 40% of the population. Since it’s such a common problem, there are a lot of people out there asking the question – What is the best method to get rid of neck and back pain.

What’s causing your neck and back pain
There are several ways to ease pain in the neck and back, but it helps to first know what’s causing the problem in the first place. Neck and back pain could be due to any number of reasonsincluding trauma, degenerative disc disease, and muscle strain,  but it’s very often due to simple things that can be easily corrected, such as poor posture.

What is the best method to get rid of neck and back pain
Physiotherapy is commonly used to ease neck and back pain, but many doctors are now recommending Posture Pump products. In particular, the Posture Pump Disc Hydrator is an excellent solution for pain in the neck and back.  It is a home therapy device that comes already assembled, and is easy to use.

How it works
The device releases air cells into the neck and back, and these help to restore hydration to the discs, by pulling fluid towards the spine. This helps to ease the pressure on the spine, and improve flexibility.Italso helps to restore the normal lordotic cervical curve.

Most patients notice a significant reduction in their neck pain after using posture pump for 2-3 months.

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