What is the best remedy for Vulvodynia?

Some women suffer from inexplicable vaginal pain, and doctors frequently don’t know how to fix it. Sometimes the pain is so bad that it makes carrying on normal life difficult for them. The problem is often due to a little-researched condition known as vulvodynia. Women who suffer with the condition desperately want to it stopped, and want to find out what is the best remedy for vulvodynia.

Understanding Vulvodynia
Symptoms of vulvodynia include chronic pain in the vulvar tissues at the opening of the vagina, along with stinging, rawness, and painful intercourse. Since not a lot of research has been done about the condition, it is often misdiagnosed as recurrent bacterial or yeast infection, as the symptoms can be similar.

If you have visited numerous doctors and have been unable to find a cure for the chronic pain in your vagina, you could be suffering from vulvodynia. Fowler GYN International (FGI) is here to help make a proper diagnosis for you, and then develop a unique treatment plan that can resolve the problem.

Best remedy for Vulvodynia
The best remedy vulvodynia is one that is customized according to the causative factors identified. This requires advanced diagnosis of the vulvovaginal environment. At FGI this is done by way of the Vaginal Fluid Analysis (VFA) test. The VFA test will identify the characteristics and relative quantities of the constituents and micro-organisms present in the vaginal secretions. FGI typically uses a combination of vaginal rejuvenate therapy and a collection of hypocontactant skin care products to treat vulvodynia.

If you think you may be suffering from vulvodynia, contact FGI for more information. Call 480-420-4001 today and book an appointment with Dr. R. Stuart Fowler. You can also go online to www.fowlergyninternational.com to find out about the free pre-registration call.

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