What is the best remedy to improve my spinal range of motion?

Neck pain or stiffness inhibits range of motion, making everyday activities challenging and uncomfortable. If the problem is not addressed, it can make simple movements such as looking over the shoulder, painful to do. If you suffer from chronic neck pain you may be wondering – “What is the best remedy to improve my spinal range of motion?” Consider the following options.

Neck or cervical pain is often the sign of compressed discs in the cervical spine, but can also be due to posture problems.  There are several ways to treat loss of range of motion in the spine. This includes joint motion exercises that enhance joint flexibility.

Exercises for Spine health:  Rotation exercises are highly beneficial for improving flexibility and range of motion, as they help to lengthen and strengthen the neck muscles.

Posture Pump Cervical Disc Hydrator : Another good remedy for restricted spinal range of motion is the Posture Pump Cervical Disc Hydrator. This device decompresses, shapes, and lubricates the cervical spine using patented Expanding Ellipsoidal Decompression (EED) technology.

EED is a technique that releases air cells to the spinal discs, causing them to expand. As the discs expand, spaces between them open up, and this significantly improves range of motion. The process also pulls lubricating fluid into the discs and joints.

The Cervical Disc Hydrator is also beneficial because it moves in sync with the natural curves of the spine, ensuring that the curves maintain the ideal shape for normal posture.

Posture Pump takes a novel approach to treating neck pain and stiffness. It brings substantial relief to range of motion difficulties, and also improves overall spine health. Go to posturepump.com for additional information.

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