What Is The Recovery Time For A Neck Lift?

Have you noticed changes in your neck and jawline that make you look older and less attractive?  You can rejuvenate your aging neck with a neck lift.  A neck lift makes the lower face look more youthful because it lifts and tightens sagging neck skin and refines the jawline.  But what is the recovery time for a neck lift? 

Neck Lift

Benefits Of A Neck Lift

A neck lift improves visible signs of aging in the neck and jawline.  It addresses loose skin and muscle, jowls, and excess fat below the chin.  During a neck lift, the surgeon will lift and contour the tissues of the neck and jawline, to give the neck and chin a defined, more youthful appearance. 

What Is The Recovery Time For A Neck Lift?

Recovery time for a neck lift varies depending on the extent of surgery.  However, patients are generally advised to take at least 7 days off work to rest and recover.  

Common side-effects after neck lift surgery include swelling, tightness, bruising, and numbness.  The swelling and bruising can take 7-14 days to resolve.  Patients are usually required to wear a supportive chin strap or bandage for up to 7 days after neck lift surgery, and sleep with their head elevated to help minimize swelling.  

Most patients can resume normal activities around 2-3 weeks after a neck lift, but strenuous activities should be avoided for at least 4 weeks.

Following the post-surgical instructions of your plastic surgeon will help to ensure a smooth recovery and lower the risk of complications.   However, every patient has specific concerns that can impact their rate of healing. 

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