What is value-based orthopedic care

The fee-for-service model that currently exists in the US health care system is volume based, and therefore rewards health care providers for doing more. This has contributed to an exponential growth in health care costs. Providers involved in orthopedic care at LESS Institute, Florida are now pursuing health care that is based on value rather than volume. But what exactly is value-based orthopedic care?

Fee-for-service Health Care
Under the fee-for-service model providers who see more patients and order more tests, are paid more money. This outdated system does not necessarily lead to better outcomes, as patients often do not get the care they want and need.

Value-based Orthopedic Care
At the LESS Institute they offer value based orthopedic care. They believe that this type of care is safe and effective, less expensive, and produces lasting results. In order to achieve this goal, they utilize evidence –based medicine along with  proven treatment options that take patient needs into consideration.

They also recognize that there must be some defining measurement to assess value. As a result, outcomes are tracked over time, in order to determine what works best in terms of treatment and dollars spent.  Patients are also given the information they need in relation to expected results, and downtime. Consequently, they can make informed decisions about treatment options.

By adopting this strategy of putting greater emphasis on efficiency in the delivery of health care, rather than on volume, LESS Institute has become a change agent in the health care system.

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Frank McCormick is a member of the LESS Institute, and subscribes to the value based pledge. If you are interested in learning more about value-based orthopedic care, contact him at 866-956-3837. He has practices in Miami, Doral, Orlando, and Palm Beach.

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