When Can I Lift Weights and Run After FUE Hair Transplant?

Most people who undergo hair restoration are elated at the results, but fans of weight lifting and running are often not happy about the need to lay off exercise after treatment. They’re usually anxious to get back to their workout routine, so they generally ask their surgeon – When can I lift weights and run after FUE hair transplant?

Hair loss is a problem that affects both men and women, but male pattern baldness is much more common. However, modern hair restoration techniques such as follicular unit extraction (FUE) have improved hair restoration by providing full, natural looking results.

FUE hair harvesting
FUE is a procedure in which an instrument is used to harvest follicular units from the back or sides of the head. The hair follicles are kept intact during the harvesting process, and then transplanted into the thinning or receding areas. There are minimal scars with the FUE technique, and there is also very little pain and downtime associated with the procedure.

When can you lift weights after FUE?
Doctors typically recommend that all strenuous exercise be avoided for at least two weeks after your FUE hair transplant. Exercising too vigorously after FUE transplant can put a strain on the recipient area. It’s okay to start with some light cardiovascular exercise after 2 weeks,  but it’s advisable not to do anything too vigorous like weightlifting for at least one month, unless you are lifting very light weights. It is always best to adhere to the post-operative instructions of your doctor, to ensure optimal results.

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