When Can I Return to Work After a Rhinoplasty?

Thinking about rhinoplasty?   Rhinoplasty can certainly be life-changing because it can enhance your natural appearance, and give your face a balanced look.  However, in order to achieve optimal results after rhinoplasty, it’s essential to give the nose time to heal before resuming work and daily activities.  So when can you return to work after rhinoplasty?

What Is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty also known as nose surgery or a nose job is a procedure that is often done for cosmetic purposes to alter the shape or size of the nose.  This may involve refining the tip of the nose, reducing a nasal hump, or correcting asymmetries.  Rhinoplasty is also performed for functional purposes to improve the function of the nose.  

When Can I Return To Work After A Rhinoplasty?

Recovery after rhinoplasty depends on your body’s healing process as well as the complexity of the procedure.  As a general rule, most patients can return to work 5-7 days after surgery, but individuals with physically demanding jobs will need more recovery time.  Patients are therefore advised to follow their surgeon’s guidelines regarding post-operative care.  

What To Expect After Surgery?

The nose will be swollen and bruised after surgery, but most of the swelling should resolve within 2-3 weeks.  Keeping the head elevated will help minimize swelling. During the first few days after surgery, patients should get as much rest as possible to ensure the bones in the nose heal properly.   Light activities can be resumed about 5 days after surgery, but strenuous activities should be avoided for at least 6 weeks.   It’s advisable to ease back slowly into strenuous activities after rhinoplasty because doing too much too quickly can cause complications, and delay healing. 

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