Will a facelift make me look younger?

Are you ready to combat visible signs of aging with a facelift?    Most people that decide to have a facelift do so with the hope that surgery will remedy facial aging, and take years off their appearance.  But will a facelift make you look younger.  

Can a facelift make you look younger?

As a general rule, plastic surgeons agree that a facelift can make you look about 10 years younger, because it addresses common signs of aging such as skin laxity, wrinkles, and fine lines.

According to research published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons) in 2011, facelift patients estimated that they looked an average of 12 years younger after surgery.   The study was conducted in an effort to measure patient satisfaction, and assess perceived age reduction after facial cosmetic surgery (read more).

Modern approaches to facial rejuvenation focus more on correcting deep structural changes in facial structures, and therefore deliver subtle, natural-looking results.  However, everyone’s experience won’t be the same, so it’s important that patients have realistic expectations about the outcome.   

How a facelift can make you look younger

A facelift typically tightens sagging skin, reduces jowls, minimizes the apprearance of lines around the nose and mouth, and tightens neck skin. These are all issues that contribute to an aging face, so that’s why you will look younger once they are corrected. 

After a facelift, patients are generally satisfied with the results, and believe they look younger, refreshed, and less tired.  

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