How the Posture Pump can safely extend & stretch the cervical spine

When the spine has its healthy, natural curves there is sufficient space between the discs, and the lubricating fluid can penetrate so that there is adequate lubrication. However, if the discs become compressed, then the joints are starved of lubricating fluid, resulting in reduced flexibility and back pain. In order to ease this problem, doctors must understand how to extend and stretch the cervical spine (click here).

Neck and Back Pain

If you have pain in the neck and/or back then that may be an indication of problems in the spinal region. It is possible that some level of disc compression has taken place. When this occurs, the nutrients from the lubricating fluid cannot penetrate the joints, and this causes them to become dry and stiff, resulting in  neck and back pain, accompanied by reduced flexibility.


Exercises and physical therapy are often recommended to extend and stretch the cervical spine, (read more) in order to relieve these symptoms. However, there are also excellent devices like the Posture Pump that can help to dramatically improve the pain, and lack of mobility.

The Posture Pump

The Posture Pump is an inflatable device that relieves the pressure on the spinal nerves, and strengthens the cervical spine. It is lightweight, easy to operate, and portable. The posture pump stretches many dimensions of the neck and spine, thereby increasing flexibility.

How it works

As the air cells on the Posture Pump are inflated, it produces an up and down motion that pulls and pushes the vertebrate. This motion stretches the muscles and the discs, and also promotes disc lubrication.

For more information on how the Posture Pump can safely extend and stretch the cervical spine, visit their website at You can also email them at, or give them a call at 800-632-5776.

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